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Do I need a personal development coach in order to take TRAC?

How do I find a personal development coach?

How do I get trained to be a TRAC Coach?

Who is behind TRAC?

How do I login again and see my results?

I’m having trouble registering and/or paying. What should I do?

Why am I not receiving system emails from TRAC?

Why is my coach not receiving system emails from TRAC?

I can’t remember what email address I registered with. Can you help?

Is my personal and payment information secure?

I’m having trouble with the TRAC360° Assessment. What should I do?

How do I share my TRAC360° Assessment results with my coach?

How do I download my TRAC Report and/or video downloads to my computer?

Why can’t I see my pre-coaching videos?

Am I allowed to share my downloads or pre-coaching videos with others?

Can I retake the TRAC360° Assessment?

Can I use TRAC with my group/organization? Is there a volume discount available?