Personalize your personal development. Break through.

TRAC is a personalized coaching tool designed to help you assess your needs, set your course, and run your race.

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Here’s how TRAC helps

One size does not fit all.
Personalize your personal development.

Whether it’s running shoes or a new pair of jeans, we all know this to be true. But how much more true is this when it comes to issues of life direction, discipleship, and personal development!

Our needs are as varied and unique as each us. TRAC helps by providing you a personalized development and growth-plan. By first accessing your needs, we then find the right “fit” in terms of resources and coaching—helping you run the race set out before you. (Hebrews 12:2)

Based on research1 and decades of use with passionate Christ-followers, leaders, pastors, executives and students alike, TRAC helps you find breakthrough by looking at four crucial need areas:



Life Direction & Purpose:
Discovering the shaping work that God is doing in you.



Personal Renewal & Growth:
Devoting yourself to God’s deepening work in you.



Identity & Self-leadership:
Daring to live according to God’s Kingdom design.



Trust & Obedience:
Deciding to fully surrender to God’s ongoing work.

1 Research reveals that Christ-followers who finished well exhibit a series of characteristics: (1) They are intentional in their personal development, (2) They experience repeated times of personal renewal, and (3) they are committed to gaining the help of a coach-mentor. (Source: Dr. J. Robert Clinton, The Making of a Leader / Dr. Terry B. Walling, Stuck!)
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Here’s how it works

Assess your needs. Set your course. Run your race.

Get instant access to the TRAC360° Assessment, a personalized TRAC Report with interpretive guide, a series of pre-coaching videos and recommended resources, as well as a Coaching Plan to get you off and running.*


Pay & Take the Assessment

Sign up, pay, and take the TRAC360° Assessment to gain understanding of where you are in your development. The assessment helps to pinpoint your strategic needs for the future, and provides you insight into the areas and issues where God may be at work.


Review Your Results

By yourself or with your Certified Coach, review your assessment results and TRAC Report and suggested Coaching Plan. Then, set your course for four coaching appointments, addressing the needs that the TRAC360° Assessment surfaced, as well as establishing a clear set of action steps.


Run the Race & Breakthrough

With the help of your personalized Coaching Plan and the prescribed pre-coaching videos, run the race ahead of you. Start on your own, or meet with your Certified Coach four times, to process new discoveries and address needs surfaced by the TRAC360° Assessment, yielding breakthrough in the days ahead.

*Personalized Coaching Plan and pre-coaching videos only available in full report.

Pricing & Features

Each report includes access to the TRAC360° Assessment and a personalized report and interpretive guide to help you understand your assessment results.


For those who want a basic understanding of where they need the most help.


Upgrade for $10

TRAC360° Assessment

Assessment Results

Interpretive Guide

Download Sample Report


Upgrade to the Full Report at any time to gain access to coaching videos, personalized coaching plan and more.


Full Report

For those looking to break through to the next level of their personal development.


US$29.99 Save 0%

TRAC360° Assessment

Assessment Results

Personalized TRAC Report

Interpretive Guide

Critical Issue(s) Identified

Pesonalized Coaching Plan

Access to Coaching Videos

Digital copy of the book TRAC by Terry B. Walling

Download Sample Report


More than anything, we want TRAC to be a help for you as you look to find clarity and breakthrough in your personal development. If you are not satisfied with this assessment tool, email us ( and we’ll refund your money.