About TRAC

TRAC is a situational coaching tool that helps provide clarity to a Christ-follower’s present circumstances and challenges.

Based on research and decades of use with passionate Christ-followers, TRAC is comprised of four core need areas, each representing a major segment of one’s personal development—Trajectory, Replenishment, Awareness, and Choices. These four areas act as guardrails that keep our lives on track and serve to nourish sustainability as we seek to run the race set before us (Hebrews 12:1-2).

When assessed together, these four areas provide a snap-shot of an individual’s current development—revealing one’s strengths as well as the areas where growth is needed. By assessing one’s needs within each of the four areas, TRAC provides insight into how God is at work and how he is using an individual’s current circumstances and challenges to shape and develop them.

Our needs are always changing. Periodic assessment allows for a variety of resources to be tailored to our changing needs. The end goal of TRAC is to equip passionate Christ-followers to stay the course and finish well.

How TRAC Works

How it Works

It all starts with registering for and taking the TRAC360º Assessment. The assessment helps to pinpoint your strategic needs for the future, and provides you insight into the areas where God may be at work.

Once you have completed your assessment, you’ll instantly be shown your results, provided a downloadable TRAC Report (PDF), as well as relevant videos and resources to help you chart your course, establish action steps, and move forward in your development.

While new insights and new information can help lead to breakthrough, lasting change happens when those insights are translated into new behavior. It’s for this reason that we strongly recommend you use TRAC with the help of a personal development coach. Together, you can more effectively process new discoveries and address the needs surfaced by the TRAC360° Assessment, helping you move beyond breakthrough and into new behavior.

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The Starting Blocks—TRAC’s Foundations

TRAC is built on a foundation of both academic leadership development research, and decades of practical experience working to help passionate Christ-followers and leaders experience personal growth and breakthrough.

Research Based

Former Fuller Seminary professor and the author of The Making of a Leader, Dr. J. Robert Clinton, conducted research that examined the lives of 5000 historical, biblical and contemporary leaders. His research sought to discover how God shapes each of our lives, and to draw insights from those who have gone before us and finished well. Among his findings were principles that would provide the basis for TRAC’s four core need areas.

Experience Birthed

One of the most startling insights from Clinton’s research was that only one-in-three Christ-followers finish well. For the last 30+ years, Dr. Terry Walling, founder of Leader Breakthru and a protégé of Dr. Clinton’s, has applied this research through the coaching and training of risk-taking, Kingdom leaders. His work and that of Leader Breakthru has been to see a greater percentage of passionate Christ-followers run their race to the end and finish well.

Today, thousands of Christ-follower’s have been impacted by the work of Leader Breakthru and the TRAC situational coaching tool. Here’s what a few of them have to say:

Grace Lam

“TRAC has helped me to gain personal clarity on my own journey—where I am at and what help I need to move forward. It has given me clarity and confidence in helping others experience the same breakthrough!”

Grace Lam Member Care, YWAM Singapore

Robert Grant

“TRAC provides accurate assessment tools and guidelines for maximizing coaching sessions (opportunities). TRAC enables clarity regarding the most relevant topics for each persons development.”

Robert Grant Pastor & Certified Coach

Leslyn Musch

“As a coach, finding TRAC was like striking gold. I’ve seen the Spirit consistently use TRAC to go straight to the heart, identifying where a person is in their journey and clarifying the core areas of growth potential. ”

Leslyn Musch Certified Coach, Speaker, Author

Patrick K. Currie

“TRAC is my go-to starting point for leaders, no matter their season or journey. TRAC not only gives us a baseline, but provides substantive content directly related to the leader’s development.”

Patrick K. Currie Certified Coach