About Leader Breakthru

Leader Breakthru is a Christian non-profit organization committed to coaching and resourcing the development of risk-taking Kingdom leaders—leaders who are hungry to make their Kingdom contribution, and who are committed to live, lead, and finish well.

With over 30 years of leadership development experience, Terry Walling launched Leader Breakthru in 1988 to resource leaders who are called to make a difference in local churches, missional ministries and the marketplace.

Our passion to coach and resource the development of risk-taking Kingdom leaders translates into two types of personal development resourcing: sovereign perspective and situational clarity.

Sovereign Perspective

Sovereign perspective is being able to see our lives from God’s perspective—a balcony view of one’s life as issues of calling, contribution and convergence emerge. Leader Breakthru helps leaders discern direction and see their life from God's perspective through three learning processes: Focused Living (Calling), Apex (Contribution) and Resonance (Convergence).

Situational Clarity

Situational clarity is being able to see and address our current challenges and obstacles in light of God’s shaping work. Leader Breakthru helps leaders navigate their current circumstances through one-on-one coaching and through TRAC.

To learn more about Leader Breakthru, visit our website: leaderbreakthru.com